This surprising summer danger for cats is easy to prevent

Cats are agile and smart, but they frequently fall victim to this counterintuitive phenomenon during the warmer months.

High-rise syndrome

CC BY 2.0 Pete/Flickr

It’s summer; it’s hot, we open our windows to cool the rooms. But for those who have cats and live in multi-story homes or high-rises, you could unwittingly be putting your kitty in harm’s way. Cats fall out of unscreened windows so frequently that vets even have a name for it: High-Rise Syndrome.

The ASPCA offers the following precautions to keep your high-rise kitty safe this summer:

  • Install snug and sturdy screens in all windows.
  • Ensure that adjustable screens are firmly wedged in windows.
  • Cats can slip through child window guards! They aren’t enough.

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