Compare with general trading companies, you may take ZooMer into account. Please refer to below table. 




General Trading Companies

Sourcing customerinquiries on open market items

We believe inaggressive new product development that will stimulate demands of customers.That’s why we have our own designer.

Focus on trading so product designs need to be outsourced.
Fully experienced on the market Our staffs are well acquainted in whole fields with the pet markets and major pet shows around the world. Only few know the market well, especially managers. Trading products is not only on pets.
Investing view We also engage in raw-material purchases and joint venture investment in new pet accessories. Usually handling the process but seldom taking in charge of it as an investment.
Active = Competitive Constantly searching for new-low-cost and high quality sources for clients. Head toward a deadlock without motivation and get fixing suppliers.
Own studio ZooMer has own machine and facility for sampling easier and speedier but also can produce emergency orders by ourselves. Even samples are needed to outsource to factories.


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